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Published on December 17, 2021

Protect yourself: follow COVID-19 protocols

hand-disinfection-4954840_1920.jpg“Protect yourself and your loved ones. Ensure everyone you are near follows federal, provincial, and local health guidelines regarding mask wearing and social distancing. It’s ok to protect yourself by asking others (including clients and real estate agents etc.) to wear a mask,” says Murray Parish, RHI, of Parish Home Inspections. Parish is also an OAHI board member.

As we face another year of living with COVID-19—and its variants—remind potential clients what you are doing to keep yourself, them, and their families safe by following public health protocols. To find your local health unit, click here.

On your website, social media channels, and phone message, let people know that as a professional, you adhere to provincially and locally mandated guidelines: social distancing (two metres/six feet), mask use, hand sanitizer use, how many people can accompany you during the home inspection etc. Post a photo of yourself on your website in your PPE.

t_rando_safety__1104.jpgBeing clear about what you expect from home buyers, residents, and real estate professionals and what they can expect from you will help build trust all around.

Remember, if you are not feeling well—for any reason— it’s fine to turn the work down (refer them to another OAHI member).

Workplace posters are available in different languages here.

It’s about respect and consumer protection.
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You can post this COVID-19 Screening Toolfor Businesses and Organizations (Screening Patrons) on your website. 
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